Startup Catapult & Leaders Group

Catapult is the most significant Catapulting Platform in Europe. We work with startups & growth companies and corporations across the EU. Startup Catapult started off as a platform service that focused on finding and catapulting the most promising startups & growth companies in the field into faster success. We soon noticed the interest that larger corporations had towards our platform startups and growth companies. After a while we were acting as a matchmaker for front row corporations in Southern Europe.

Now we have launched our new service Leaders Group, which brings in the same expertise to a selected group of industry leading companies. We are launching Leaders Group, which is a service that provides corporations a front-row-seat to new innovations and technologies, that already have existing market proof. We offer a cost-efficient way for corporations to stay ahead of the market, easily reduce costs and grow revenue through utilizing new innovations from the Startup Field. Leaders Group will make collaboration between startups and corporations more straight-forward and efficient. With our unique and exclusive platform, startups and corporations will have an effortless and easy way to stay ahead of the markets through co-operative actions.