Startup Catapult & Leaders Group

Catapult is the smartest Catapulting Platform in Europe. We work with startups, growth companies and corporations across the EU. Startup Catapult started off as a platform service that focused on finding and catapulting the most promising startups & growth companies focused on a digital product into faster success. After a while we realized that larger corporations have a real interest and need for startups if they want to keep up with the fast-developing markets. This is why we are now acting as a matchmaker between startups and front row corporations in Europe.

We have launched a new service called Leaders Group, which brings together startup companies and large corporations, and enables corporations to share their experiences and expertise in a group of industry leading companies. Leaders Group is a service for corporations that provides a front-row-seat to new innovations and technologies. The startups that we scan according to the corporations needs, already have existing market proof and are the top players in their field. From banking to construction – it doesn’t matter which field you’re in, we make collaboration between startups and corporations more straight-forward and efficient. With our unique, smart and exclusive (and eventually automatic) platform, startups and corporations will have an effortless way to stay ahead of the markets through co-operative actions.